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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your site for search engines so that you can rank at the top of search engines for chosen keywords. This position is really important to your business; nearly 70% of all Google searches result in a click to one of the top three results.

True local SEO is more art than science, though. You can’t just load up a website with a bunch of keywords and hopes it rank, you have to satisfy what Google is looking for and what your readers want to see. Do that, and you win.

There’s a conversation happening in your local community, did you know that?

Besides the conversations taking place at Taste and See, people are engaging with each other about the hottest topics of the day. It doesn’t matter if that’s about politics, sports, or which flavor of ice cream is the best (butterfinger crunch), people want to discuss and debate items of interest.

That’s all social media marketing is about. We see so many businesses make the mistake of trying to simply talk about who they are on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. 

What they should be doing instead is engaging the local topics and becoming a part of their community — which is what we’re all about.

Think of PPC (pay per click) advertising as rocket fuel for your business: You have a product or service, and you want to get it in front of your customers today. What do you do? Pay for ads!

Sounds great, right? Without a strategy though, you could be throwing thousands of dollars down the drain without even knowing it, making ads actually cost you money instead of making it.

Let us manage your PPC campaigns (through Google or social media platforms) and make sure you’re making every dollar count.

Content Development

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a blog “just because.” Blogs are extremely powerful because they (a) demonstrate topical knowledge, (b) provide organic traffic from search engines, and (c) generate link opportunities.

As we would say in Texas, good content development is like putting some meat on the bones of your website. Without it, you just got a bunch of fat and gristle.

Our best clients understand the value of good, authoritative content because it helps instill trust in their audience. The more they can help their community through their expertise, the more that same community will trust them with bigger projects that they can’t handle on their own.

We’ve seen it time and again. Good content wins trust with your community. Embrace it.

Our “Secret Sauce”

A lot of digital marketing agencies will focus on the services below: web design, social media marketing, and paid ads.

Those are great by themselves. Local SEO can absolutely change the landscape for your business, while paid ads can give you results tomorrow.

But if you want to drive long-term growth that focuses on building a relationship with people inside your community, nothing is as powerful as building an email list.

What is List-Building?

digital marketing texarkana texas

An email list is a list of people that have voluntarily given you their contact information because they want to receive any information you send out. This could be blog articles, special offers, or announcements of any kind.

In short, it’s a group of people who have signaled that they want to build a relationship with you.

If you’re a plumber, they want you to be their plumber. 

If you’re a home builder, they want you to build their home.

If you’re an electrician, they want to call you the next time the power goes out in their home or business.

We’ll help you build that relationship with your community.

How is 3430 Different?

Link Building
A lot of agencies will build links, but our links are high-quality and local. We focus on increasing your visibility inside your community. After all, that's where you want to do business, right?
Content Development
The internet is content-driven, so for your business to succeed long-term, you need to have well-written blogs. We use only writers from the USA with demonstrable knowledge in your niche.
Metrics That Matter
You're busy with your business, and the last thing we want to do is intrude with numbers that don't mean anything. That's why (unless you indicate differently), we'll only send you quarterly reports with numbers that you can use in your business.

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